BWFRP cable protection tube

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Fiber woven extruded cable protective sleeve


With the advancement of technology, new types of pipes have emerged. BWFRP pipeline, a new type of high-performance pipe material, namely fiber woven extruded pipe, is made of high-performance alkali free glass fiber and high-performance resin as raw materials; Unlike the fixed length cross winding process of fiberglass sand filled pipes, BWFRP pipes adopt the weaving winding and extrusion process, which has a high degree of mechanization and stable quality assurance.

BWFRP generally refers to the braided winding fiber reinforced plastic (BWFRP) cable protective sleeve, which is a process of weaving, winding, and extrusion. BWFRP generally refers to fiber woven extruded cable protective sleeves or woven winding extrusion processes. BWFRP pipes are mainly made of alkali free glass fibers and resin as raw materials, and are produced using a continuous fiber online complete weaving, winding, pulling and extrusion integrated molding process as a new type of material.

Since the birth of BWFRP, it has gradually evolved into the BWFRP industry, becoming a product that replaces traditional PVC pipes, MPP pipes, and coated steel pipes, and its market capacity has been increasing year by year.

BWFRP pipe, also known as BWFRP cable protective sleeve, BWFRP fiber braided extrusion pipe, BWFRP braided extrusion pipe, BWFRP fiber braided pipe, fiber braided pipe, braided extrusion pipe, and braided extrusion pipe, is made of raw materials such as alkali free glass fiber, resin, and additives. It is produced through a continuous fiber online complete weaving winding extrusion process, which is different from the traditional fixed length winding production process of fiberglass sand filled pipes. BWFRP pipe, as a type of cable protection sleeve, is applied in municipal engineering, urban power grid, rail transit, etc.

BWFRP, as a new type of material, is currently in a period of vigorous promotion. We already have complete product standards, testing methods, and construction technical specifications, but there are no relevant national standards yet. This indicates that the BWFRP material has not yet formed a mature system and needs continuous development and improvement.

BWFRP pipes are recognized by the industry for their outstanding performance in ring stiffness, tensile strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and other aspects of product quality. In the context of new and old infrastructure construction, the BWFRP pipe market will also see an increase in the cable market.

BWFRP is mainly applied in the field of cable protection pipes. As a new material, the application space of BWFRP still needs to be continuously explored, and it will also be applied in fields such as water supply and drainage, oil and gas transportation in the future.

Due to its unique production process, the BWFRP fiber braided pipe cannot adjust the process parameters to change the thickness of the pipe wall during the production process, ensuring the quality of the product. What is even more unique is that the BWFRP pipe has a three-layer structure: both the inner and outer layers are cross woven, and the middle layer is circumferential and longitudinal woven. The inner and outer woven layers designed at different weaving angles, along with the longitudinal and circumferential composite intermediate layers, together form this unique composite material product.