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The company's main products include fiberglass cable trays, BWFRP power pipes, fiberglass grilles, cooling towers, fiberglass septic tanks, fiberglass pipes, fiberglass fans, fiberglass cover plates, fiberglass tanks, and other fiberglass products.


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Hebei Ganglong Technology Co., Ltd. produces a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic/glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, glass fiber reinforced plastic grates, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable Bridges and other glass fiber reinforced plastic products for a variety of applications. As one of the quality manufacturers and suppliers, the engineers use different grades of resin according to the customer's application. All production takes place in a regulated environment. The entire range is developed and designed according to the needs and desires of the customer

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Global Experience

Spot supply

The factory has a large stock and can deliver quickly.

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Different sizes, thicknesses, can be customized

Data Science

Factory direct sales

We are FRP products factory, do not have to worry about out of stock.

Machine Learning

Quality selection

Selection of high quality FRP material made of beautiful appearance and easy installation


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Fiberglass cable bridge one-stop supplier, a variety of uses Used for sewage treatment facilities, residents' living areas, public activity areas, etc

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